On being a Pro, pt. 1

I am a Professional Photographer and as such, I have my own mantra– one’s real works should be seriously good, but if you want to see how much the photographer really cares about their craft, just take a look at their personal work.  I put my money where my mouth is all day, everyday and in all-weather!!  You can tell so much from looking at the personal images that should give real insight into the Professional.   What’s really cool is when the evolution of the photographer happens right before the eyes of the viewer and I will use myself as the example. I studied the Craft and the Art of photography in college cutting my teeth on the very core and essence of it as I shot.  I learned that there are decisions to be made before one picks up a camera, problems to resolve when the camera is in your hands, moments to select and anticipate, backgrounds (clean or busy, helpful or hurtful to the image), then when to click the shutter.

Those are the items that race through my head or are always whirling about when I am shooting, and when I’m shooting sports it happens so much faster and depending on the sport — much, much faster!! My idea of a snapshot will likely end up as a 20×30 inch print or canvas instead of a phone only/ 4×6 on a fridge thing of old!!

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