Stopping traffic with WOW factor

I like images that make the viewer stop and just say “WOW!!” Who doesn’t like those?  The question is –” What makes for a WOW experience in viewing images?”  It’s about doing something different.  Thinking outside the box comes naturally and double so when it comes to the imagery I want to produce. I have been taught that the point of making images is not to look like everyone else, but to stand apart from the pack.  As far as the way I see things, its about not only the shot I take but sometimes, its about the way I approach the shot. I look at the colors of the subject and how much of the subject can I fill my frame with and this is my building block. The use of color as a compositional element in this frame take the shot to another level all by itself in that it IS critical to the success of the image as a whole— literally from edge to edge in the frame.  

This is at Turn 9, during the MOTO GP race weekend and its all about color. The composition was determined by filling the frame and the rest is all about rider head position and frame filling color– the speed is truly and quite literally implied and understood on all accounts.  

Sometimes, the racing Gods just offer up a gift and when you are dialed in, all you have to do may just be to focus on the subject, follow them and shoot!! Ok so it’s a bit more to it than that in some ways, but at the base, it is just that simple. I won’t bore anyone with the details like the shooting position I had was on the downward slope of a hill to where I was looking over the top of a black fence and shooting through a grey fence while panning ( a photographic technique for following or tracking a moving vehicle on the track waiting for the optimal range to shoot it), and controlling footing to ensure a stable shooting platform. I really think my reward was worth it !!  

At this point on this track, the guys are tantalizingly close and for the way I like to shoot (with very long lenses, this is almost 1000mm effectively) which brings them right up into my reach and minimizes background interference to allow me to focus my viewers’ attention where I want it— on the action!! Did it work?

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