Preserving Innocence

As a photographer, one of the greatest investments makes is in the amount of time put in learning the craft of photography. I am not talking about corrections and photoshop actions while they have their place and certainly can be irreplaceable tools in the hands of a versed photographic professional. I specifically mean the art of making photographs and why the reward is so great.

I had the opportunity to meet a little boy that solidified for me why I relentlessly pursue mastering understanding of my skills within my craft with such ruthlessness– This little boy suffers with very major heart issues and was almost lost twice this year already ( at the time this image was created, 23 Feb 2014, Chase is 2-years old), and was suffering from a broken left leg. What I can say is that this encounter quite literally notably affected me, to the point that there was no question about what I am meant to do and its value to those clients of mine with my images on their walls. This is more than just a portrait of a little boy – the energy and goodness of this tiny spirit moved me beyond words at the time and emotion was the driving force behind making our images. There is something about the innocence of a child and how they sense comfort and allow others into their space and somehow they seem to offer trust openly, not blindly just freely they give access to them and in turn they feel at home to be themselves with the company they are in. As a photographer, this is the zone in which we aim to operate in and there can’t be any mistakes made because there is limited amount of time you have to work with and you have to know your craft to take full advantage of the gift you have been given. There is no Luck, there is either the knowledge to make it happen without thinking or there is the lack of and opportunity missed. Knowing what to do and how to execute on the idea are two different things, but when they are in sync with each other, the investment of time is being returned. There is no substitute for hard work towards a chosen craft, simply isn’t a shortcut to be taken.

That simple.

I know firmly believe without doubt, that there are Angels among us and if even just for a few moments, when they come in contact with us, everything is alright.

My hope is to photograph this beautiful child as a High School Senior in 16 years.