Dog Day Afternoon

Theme shooting or self assigned projects or editor assigned projects can be a lot of fun and yield interesting results if you are open to a challenge. I had forgotten what the rush of getting an assignment and having a deadline to meet felt like especially when I have gone out and absolutely nailed it to the mat with what imagery I produced. This is what happened last week and the resulting imagery.

Well, as the title suggests, there are a couple of ways to take this on knowing full well what was expected, images of canines enjoying the last days of summer and the like. I am not one for always playing with conventional ideas, so I went in search of another twist on the subject that would have the same level of impact as what was intended in the title. Oddly enough, I had the movie and Al Pacino stuck in my head with things just not going quite right and well that was the imagery that I went in search of. In my race against the clock, I stumbled upon a scene that was just too good to pass up. I came a cross a woman in distress who had three policemen come to her aide. It was as simple as her vehicle not starting. The issue I faced is that little issue of photographing police officers while on duty… well I knew I had to get the shot so I set my camera to literally be able to raise it to my eye, frame and shoot then move away without being noticed or hassled. I got off 2 frames and moved away wishing my LCD would hurry up and show me some good news. As I literally moved around the corner, I felt a sigh of relief as what came up on my screen was exactly what I saw and wanted to say about the day. This was the first image and the time was T-minus 46 minutes to deadline, I managed to pull this off in 14-minutes, I was feeling like good things were going to happen.

Protect and Serve

As I walked literally 15 paces and turned left, I found the most beautiful light and I saw shadows, lines and a great exercise in composition before me. I did what any photographer would do… braced myself against a wall as tightly as I could and shot 6 frames and continued on with my assignment even more fully charged than I was.

Chasing the Light, 5

I found some canine and well looked for interesting looking things about them to make me drop down on the sidewalk and shoot at eye level with them… being a dog lover, I was not quite inspired to do what I knew everyone else would be expecting, so I went with it throwing myself into the “spirit of things.” I got a few good shots but I heard the words of my Photojournalism mentor start up in my head… “If you got a good frame, look around you for the next one—an even better one is going to be there.” This is what I found standing behind me.

A bright little flame of hop

The most profound thing for me was that even with A Dog Day Afternoon kind of theme, there is always, Always a bright spot that will absolutely melt your heart and often it is right around your last shot if you just look for it.

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